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Proceedings of the Second International Energy 2030 Conference,
November 4-5, 2008, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Future Energy Supply and Environment Protection - a Challenge for Large Scale Power Generation

Prof. Dr.- Ing. Klaus R. G. Hein

University of Stuttgart, Germany

The technology of fossil fuel conversion for heat and electricity production experienced major distinct development periods based upon external driving forces as a consequence of changing requirements of our industrialized surrounding. Therefore, a strongly expanding economy with a corresponding demand for increasing capacities and plant availabilities was observed during the beginning of the second half of the last century. More recently the awareness of negative effects of environment pollution resulted in the development and application of emission control measures which were successfully implemented during the previous decades.

Furthermore, the discussion of energy utilization in connection with the global climate issue resulted in a reconsideration of the use of fossil fuels, and in particular in a diversification of the primary energy sources which opened a new field for research and development. In particular, the Kyoto Protocol concerning CO2-abatement and the resulting obligations, especially for those countries who adopted this agreement such as the members of the European Union, have initiated extensive research and development efforts towards efficiency improvements of large scale fuel conversion processes as well as capture and storage of CO2.

The presentation will, after a review of the achievements in research and development in the area of heat and electricity generation, deal with the new requirements as a consequence of the changing needs of our society and of the increasing concern about local and global environment protection, followed by a detailed discussion of strategies and of technological options in order to satisfy the future energy demands of our society.


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