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Under the Patronage of
H.H. General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and

Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces


The Petroleum Institute will host the First International Energy 2030 Conference, an international forum dedicated to addressing Energy Resources and Technologies in 2030, on November 1-2, 2006. The conference is sponsored by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) Group of Companies, and will be held at The Armed Forces Officers Club in Abu Dhabi.


The primary focus of the conference is to share views and information that can serve to be of pivotal importance in the strategic planning of research and development in the oil and gas industries and the broader Energy areas, including energy availability and usage, transport, and environmental issues.


The Technical Program comprises of high profile Invited Lectures by top executives and distinguished experts from academia and industry around the world. These Invited Speakers will express their views on current and emerging Energy Resources and Technologies that are likely to serve as critically important contributors to the Energy supply in various sectors twenty five years from now. In parallel with Invited Talks, the conference will also hold a Poster Exhibition on energy resources and technologies.

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The Program Topical Areas are as follows:

  • Oil scenarios: from peak oil to plenty of oil
  • Future of natural gas as a bridge and beyond
  • Nuclear energy as an alternative
  • Solar energy now and in the future
  • Wind energy
  • Hydrogen, methanol and ethanol as fuels for the future
  • Energy from biomass and wastes
  • Carbon management
  • Impact of energy consumption on the environment
  • Energy efficiency
  • Transport energy
  • Research and development needs in the oil and gas industries

The oil and gas industry is in the midst of a historic shift. Stranded resources are now on the verge of profitable realization. Feedstocks that have been marginally utilized to date as a result of high upgrading costs are becoming attractive ventures in the context of current energy price levels, the growing worldwide energy demand, and pressure for environmentally responsible methods. More than ever, technology will be the driver to meet these challenges. It is hoped that Energy 2030 will forge a solid foundation in meeting these objectives.

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