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Proceedings of the Second International Energy 2030 Conference,
November 4-5, 2008, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC): A Teaching Experiment for Future Engineers

Paul Kalinowski

The Petroleum Institute, UAE

Afshin Goharzadeh

The Petroleum Institute, UAE

Arman Molki

The Petroleum Institute, UAE

Michael M. Ohadi

The Petroleum Institute, UAE

One of the primary objectives of the Petroleum Institute is to prepare future engineers to address both environmental issues and reduction in energy sources. With this in mind, an alternative energy laboratory has been established to provide an essential vehicle to educate engineers on these topics. This laboratory contains state-of-the-art hands on experiments related to sustainable energy and environmental issues. An example of one of these experiments is the direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC). Fuel cells are considered as a promising power source in portable and automotive applications [1-4]. This study outlines a low cost experimental setup for characterization of a single commercial DMFC, which was designed and fabricated


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