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Proceedings of the Second International Energy 2030 Conference,
November 4-5, 2008, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Solar Energy System Application at ADNOC Facilities

Ali Al Alili

The Petroleum Institute, UAE

Isoroku Kubo

The Petroleum Institute, UAE

Paul Kalinowki

The Petroleum Institute, UAE

Reinhard Radermacher

University of Maryland, USA

The UAE is abundant with solar energy which could be put into effective use for power generation and solar cooling. The utilization of the solar energy would reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuel. The purpose of this project is to develop suitable solar energy technologies that can be utilized effectively in the U.A.E. and the gulf region. The first step toward this goal is to measure the solar radiation levels, both direct normal and global radiation. The effort has been started and different meteorology devices such as, pyranometer and pyrheliometer, are being used to observe the weather conditions and measure the available solar irradiance. At the same time, the examination of the various solar cooling and power generation technologies is being made. Based on the data obtained during the first Phase, the most promising solar cooling/power generation options will be researched further through prototype testing and


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