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Proceedings of the Second International Energy 2030 Conference,
November 4-5, 2008, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Hydrogen Production from Wastes, Biomass and Coal using High Temperature Steam Gasification

Rafal Buczynski

University of Maryland, UAE

Kriengsak Sangtong-Ngam

University of Maryland, UAE

Islam Ahmed

University of Maryland, UAE

Jakub Gmurczyk

University of Maryland, UAE

Ashwani K. Gupta

University of Maryland, UAE

The increased energy demand and dwindling fossil fuel reserves necessitate the development of alternative fuel technologies. Crude oil, natural gas and coal reserves are finite so that one must find alternative renewable sources. Furthermore, at present oil and natural gas together constitute almost 50% of the world’s energy sources. This then means that we can anticipate replacing almost half of our energy production with alternative sources of energy in the near term.

One of the attractive alternative fuels, which have been given considerable attention, is hydrogen. Despite being considered the cleanest fuel, hydrogen is still produced through processes, which causes environmental pollution, such as methane-steam reforming, which produces substantial amounts of carbon dioxide and other pollutants and uses useful energy resources, such as hydrocarbon fuels. Gasification, a process of converting solid fuel or waste into syngas under oxygen-starved conditions, has been known as a promising technology capable of producing hydrogen-rich fuel from solid feedstock, such as, biomass, solid waste and coal. The syngas produced is of low to medium calorific value and is rich in hydrogen and carbon monoxide. This technology greatly reduces tars and organic material in the residue and also minimizes the production of carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons which are directly responsible for the global warming from greenhouse gases as well as depletion of ozone. This study focuses on the high and ultrahigh temperature steam gasification of paper, woodchips and coal to produce hydrogen-rich syngas while


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