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Poster Exhibition 2008 Proceedings
Proceedings of the Second International Energy 2030 Conference,
November 4-5, 2008, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Advanced Steam Gasification Technology for Plastic Wastes using High Temperature Steam
Susumu Mochida
Nippon Furnace Co. Ltd., Japan

Takeshi Abe

Nippon Furnace Co. Ltd., Japan

Ashwani Gupta

University of Maryland, USA

High Temperature Steam (HiTS) Gasification technology offers new innovative opportunities for highly successful and efficient energy conversion from waste plastics to clean synthetic gaseous fuel. Thermal energy required to produce the desired high temperature steam is available by combusting part of the synthetic gases. Nippon Furnace Co., Ltd. has been developing the technology to improve the yield of high quality synthetic gases which have higher calorific value than that obtained from the gases with ordinary method(s) of gasification. The demonstration test data for plastic gasification with 0.5 tons/day scale plant in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan has proven the advantages of high temperature Steam (HiTS) Gasification technology. The size of plant is suitable for not only pilot scale tests but also as a decentralized demonstration plant unit. The synthetic gases produced will be utilized as an energy source at the waste production site. In this paper we present results obtained from the demonstration plant that clearly shows distinct benefits of this technology.

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