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Poster Exhibition 2008 Proceedings

About the Venue and Location

Energy 2030 will be held at The Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center in the United Arab Emirates.

The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, the most modern exhibition centre in the world, was opened by Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan on 18th February, 2007. The venue already has around 60 major exhibitions confirmed for 2008, from large scale public shows such as the Abu Dhabi Book Fair to international trade exhibitions such as IDEX and ADIPEC.
About the U.A.E. and Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi is the name of both the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the largest of the seven individual emirates that make up the country. The UAE was created as a federation and became a unified independent sovereign state in 1971. With some 10% of the world’s known oil reserves, Abu Dhabi ranks as the richest of the emirates and a global economic powerhouse in its own right.

Abu Dhabi offers all the attractions of a top class international resort. It combines year-round sunshine and superb facilities for leisure and recreation with the spice and mystique of an Arabian adventure.

For further information, please visit the Abu Dhabi Travel Bureau.

Hotels Abu Dhabi has a marvelous choice of hotels. A comprehensive list of hotels can be found here.
Airports Abu Dhabi International Airport (Tel: +971-2-575-7500) is situated 35 km from the city. Flight time from London is 7 hrs 5 mins. Travel time from the airport to the city centre is 20-30 minutes. A luxury saloon for AED 65 or a taxi for AED 50 could be used to get to the city center. (AED 1 = USD 0.27). Dubai International Airport (Tel: +971-4-224-5555) is situated 170 km from the city of Abu Dhabi.
Visa Requirements GCC Nationals (Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia) and individuals from certain professions do not require a visa to enter the U.A.E. Citizens from UK, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Malta, Spain, Monaco, Vatican City, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, USA, Canada, the Pacific Rim, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Brunei do not require a visa to enter the U.A.E. All other nationals require a visa to enter the U.A.E. For further clarification on your passport and visa requirements please contact the U.A.E. embassy in your respective country.




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